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A Simple Favor: The Cast For the Upcoming Adaptation Is Flawless

If you’ve been waiting for the next Gone Girl, the wait is almost over – A Simple Favor, a mystery thriller based off of the Darcey Bell novel by the same name, is coming out this Fall, and it seriously looks insane. The film follows a fledgling vlogger who tries to solve the sudden disappearance of her glamorous but unknowable best friend, and – with the same unreliability that makes Gone Girl so addicting – you won’t know who to trust until the very end.

A Simple Favor won’t be out until Sept. 14, but check out the awesome cast (who are already forming some enviable new friendships) to see just why we’re so excited for this one.

Shondaland Alum Jeff Perry Is Bringing Thatcher Grey Back For Grey’s Anatomy Season 15

If you thought the Scandal series finale was the last you’d see of Jeff Perry, you were wrong! The Shondaland alum is going from the White House to Grace Sloan Memorial to reprise his role as Thatcher Grey in the upcoming 15th season of Grey’s Anatomy.

A little refresher for anyone who may have forgotten: Thatcher was married to Meredith’s mother, Ellis, before she had an affair and they divorced. He went on to marry his second wife, Susan, and had two more daughters, Lexie and Molly. Susan died in season three, which led to a rift between Thatcher, Meredith, and Lexie, as well as revealing his alcoholism. He was able to get into rehab and patch up his relationship with his daughters before leaving Seattle. We haven’t seen Thatcher since he popped up during season seven with a kidney stone so large it had to be surgically removed.

There isn’t much known about the circumstances of Thatcher’s reappearance, but a lot has transpired since season seven, including Lexie’s death, Meredith’s marriage to Derek, and the addition of their children. Thatcher already missed out on most of Meredith’s life after divorcing her mother, and we can’t imagine he would let the same thing happen with his grandchildren. We wonder why the Grey patriarch will be making an appearance after so long and how well he’s been coping since the death of his daughter. The mystery is just another reason to count the days until season 15 premieres! So while we wait for Sept. 27, check out what we’ve uncovered about the upcoming season and brace yourself for the emotional roller coaster we have no doubt it’ll be.

“Is Melai Cantiveros pregnant again?”


After giving birth to her second daughter Stela last year, it looks like Magandang Buhay host Melai Cantiveros-Francisco is hinting at expecting another new arrival in her family based on her Instagram post last August 13.

In the photo, Melai is seen clutching her stomach area and smiling while inside a children’s room. The talented host told her fans she would be revealing the big news on August 14, Wednesday. 



She wrote:

Life is a Blessing , Life is a Wonderful , Life is a Fortunate , Life is a Miraculous ❤️🙏 Bukas nyu malalaman ang lahat 🙂 Masisilip nyu na cya bukas 🙂 Dahil???????????? Hmmmmmmm comments down ⬇️ #LZDWildWednesday #bukas#abangan

Medical News Today: How to treat peeling skin

There are many reasons why skin peels. People may notice their skin peeling several days after they get a sunburn. As the skin heals, it sheds layers of old damaged skin and replaces it with new layers. People can prevent peeling with moisturizer and staying hydrated. Learn more about how to stop peeling skin here.

The Wife: Glenn Glose and Jonathan Pryce Take Down Christian Slater in This Exclusive Clip

The more Glenn Close we have on our screens, the better, which is why we’re so excited for The Wife. The upcoming drama stars Close as Joan Castleman, who’s headed to Stockholm with her husband, Joe (Game of Thrones alum Jonathan Pryce), where he’s set to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. Of course, the trip begins to dredge up doubts for Joan about the choices she’s made over the course of her marriage, which has always required her to play second fiddle. In the exclusive clip above, Joe and Joan tussle with Christian Slater’s overeager author Nathaniel on a plane, which should give you a good taste for what the rest of the movie entails.

The Wife hits theaters on Aug. 17.

9 Storylines You Can Expect to See During This Is Us Season 3

This Is Us season three is on the horizon, and there are plenty of stories to be told. The upcoming season won’t premiere until September 25, but filming for the upcoming season has officially begun. In July, the show’s creator Dan Fogelman gave a glimpse of Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson (Randall and Beth) on set. While the season two finale left us with a few clues about what’s to come, the cast has already dropped a few hints about potential storylines. Spoiler: it already sounds amazing. Here are a few storylines you can expect to see when the show returns.

‘Castle Rock’ renewed for second season at Hulu

Hulu has renewed “Castle Rock,” its drama that pays tribute to the Stephen King universe, for a second season.

From creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, the anthology drama is set in Castle Rock — the ill-fated fictional Maine town featured in such King works as “The Dead Zone” and “Cujo” — and…