“American singer-songwriter Pink Sweat$ shares inspiration behind his new album ‘The Prelude’”

Pink Sweat$ was behind the hit songs “Honesty” and “At My Worst,” which were featured in Tiktok videos and performed in song covers by artists globally. American R&B singer and songwriter Pink Sweat$ recently released his second album titled The Prelude. In his interview on the online show Push Bets Live, Pink Sweat$ said that he would […]

“Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles share keys to strong relationship amid challenges brought by the pandemic”

These are the keys to a strong relationship according to Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles. Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles shared the key to their strong relationship amid the challenges brought by COVID-19 pandemic. In an interview in Magandang Buhay on Thursday, October 29, Troy relayed that communication and respect are essential ingredients to a great relationship. […]

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