Daily Archive: April 20, 2017

A Guide to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Group of Dedicated Famous Friends

As someone who’s been in the entertainment business for nearly 30 years, Leonardo DiCaprio has amassed a huge group of celebrity fans and former costars – one of whom, Kate Winslet, he has called “the best actor of her generation.” While he does have a good number of fellow Hollywood stars to call friends, Leo also has decades-long friendships with a group of guys who for years have been affectionately referred to as his “P*ssy Posse.” Who are all these dudes, you ask? Thankfully, we’ve made you a guide to Leo’s famous bros, both new and old.

French actress Mélanie Laurent steps behind the camera for ‘Tomorrow,’ an environmental doc that offers solutions

While shooting the 12-country-spanning environmental documentary “Tomorrow,” French actress-director Mélanie Laurent (“Inglorious Basterds,” “Now You See Me”) was wandering around a village in India when a local woman beckoned her over.

“There was a family of women and children inside this small…

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