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Sharon Cuneta responds to her ‘Tatay Digong’ after she receives a video message from the President

Actress and Singer Sharon Cuneta expressed her happiness after she received a small gift from a special person in her life. The megastar received a video message from Rodrigo Duterte who she called ‘Tatay Digong’ and she quickly shared it to her followers on social media. In the video, President Rodrigo Duterte thanked the megastar for still remembering him and […]

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“Can you guess what cute accessory KC Concepcion brings everywhere?”


Sa Push Now Na, pinakita ni KC Concepcion ang kanyang waterproof at light portable speaker na dala-dala niya sa kanyang Birkin bag. Ani KC kung bakit siya meron nito, “Gusto ko yung masaya pag kunwari nagme-makeup, nagpi-fitting, nagda-drive. Saka maganda yung sounds niya so kunwari magdyi-gym ako may dala na akong music…” 

Hindi naman nireveal ni KC ang brand ng kanyang super cute violet-colored speaker, pero sabi niya, “Meron niyan dito for sure.”

Nag-share din si KC na dala niya ang speaker niya hanggang sa shower room. “Alam mo nilalagay ko yan pag naliligo ako. Nilalagay ko yan sa shower kasi pwede siyang mabasa. So minsan audio book o kunwari ngayon nagbi-business business ako. May mga mentors ako, businessmen na friends, minsan nagbo-voice note sila sa akin. Yun ang pinapakinggan ko habang naliligo ako. So nag-aaral na din ako. Halimbawa audio bible…” 

It’s Ridiculously Easy to Binge Charmed Before the Reboot Gets Here

Just when you thought television had run out of things to reboot, The CW announced it’s ordered a pilot for an updated Charmed. Based on the beloved ’90s and ’00s WB show, the new Charmed is set to follow three sisters in a college town where they fight all manner of evil and the patriarchy.

It sounds promising, especially since it’s from a pair of Jane the Virgin writers. However, it’s hard to imagine any show living up to the sisterly love and weekly butt-kicking the Halliwell sisters got up to in the original. There’s definitely room for these two shows to coexist, but before the new Charmed episodes arrive, you owe it to yourself to revisit the adventures of Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige.

Happily, watching the original Charmed is easy, thanks to the internet, but be warned: if you currently aren’t subscribed to Netflix, then the process could be costly.

  • Netflix has all eight seasons of Charmed available to stream instantly. If you’re not currently subscribed to the site, subscription prices start out at just $7.99 a month. Best of all, the streaming site offers new users a free one-month trial period and you can cancel at any time – so if you think you can power through eight seasons of witches, demons, and whitelighter drama in 30 days, then you could conceivably legally watch the entire series without paying a single dime.
  • Another option is the free TNT app. Charmed airs daily on TNT, so if you have cable, you can hop into the series by DVR-ing or watching episodes as they air every weekday at 8 a.m. ET. That requires factoring the series into your daily schedule, though, which in this hectic era is harder than ever before. That’s where the app comes in. If you’re a cable or satellite TV subscriber, then you most likely have access to the TNT app. While the cable channel doesn’t have all of the episodes available, it does have the bulk of seasons one through three, and TNT adds more episodes all the time (but episodes also expire, so it’s definitely a more complicated way of getting your Charmed fix).
  • Again, cable and satellite subscribers have an avenue for watching the Halliwell sisters fight demons that doesn’t involve having to shell out extra cash. The show is also available on-demand from services like DirecTV. Much like the TNT app, not all of the episodes are available for streaming, but there are usually enough hours of the show available to introduce you to the Halliwells’ world.
  • Finally, if you’re extra committed to watching the series, you can buy episodes starting at $1.99 each from Google Play, Vudu, Amazon, and iTunes. If you choose this route, it’s cheaper to buy the entire season at once, because you get a discount. And as an added bonus, you will officially be the proud owner of every season, which means you can watch Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige save the world whenever the mood strikes.

Whether you spring for a Netflix subscription or add daily airings of Charmed to your morning routine, you won’t regret watching this fun, girl-power-infused ’90s masterpiece of a series.