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Wedding Music: 60 Father-Daughter Dance Songs

With wedding season here, we’re giving you inspiration for the big day, because planning is fun! We’ve given you over 100 first dance songs and a guide to wedding music, and this time, we’re giving you ideas for the father-daughter dance. It’s not the easiest one to pick, but we’re hoping that you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you among our 50+ suggestions.

Who’s Behind the Threatening Notes in 13 Reasons Why’s Season 2 Trailer? Let’s Investigate

After what’s felt like an eternity of waiting, Netflix has finally bestowed upon us all the premiere date for 13 Reasons Why season two: May 18. While that’s only a few weeks away, the official trailer for the second season is packed with ominous clues that have us even more anxious for the 13 new episodes to arrive. It looks like someone is sending threatening notes to some of the key people involved with the tragic suicide of Hannah Baker – Jessica, Mr. Porter, Clay, and even Hannah’s mother, Olivia. What’s interesting is that Bryce, Hannah’s rapist, is also featured in the trailer, but it doesn’t look like he’s received any notes himself. Coincidence, or something more?

Since this is 13 Reasons Why, which is filled with just as much drama as it is heartbreak, we’re betting on the latter. Season two will focus on the court case that plays out between Hannah’s parents and the school, after all, so it’s safe to assume that plenty of dark secrets will be dragged out into the light for the entire town to see (including Bryce’s, fingers crossed). Since we all have some time to kill between now and season two, join us as we dissect the chilling threats each of the characters receive in the trailer below, and who they might be from.

Chilean towns to fine men for street harassment of women

Chilean towns to fine men for street harassment of women

Two Chilean municipalities have announced they will begin issuing fines of up to hundreds of dollars to anyone guilty of street harassment of women. The measures are aimed at curbing gender-based crime which according to the United Nations is rife across the Latin American region, where a culture of “machismo” prevails. On Monday, the mayor […]

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