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Truffaut’s glorious ‘Day for Night’ lights up Laemmle’s Royal

The greatest film ever made about filmmaking? Some might lean toward “Singin’ in the Rain.” Others might see your “Contempt” and raise you “8 1/2.” But for some (comme moi), the answer will always be “Day for Night,” François Truffaut’s Oscar-winning 1973 comedy about a film crew that comes together…

Everything You Need to Know About Royal Weddings, From A to Z!

What is the most-requested item for a royal wedding menu, and which bride popularized white wedding dresses? Does the queen arrive before or after the bride, and what’s the deal with the dress code? From the wackiest gifts – silver-plated mousetrap, anyone? – to the proper wording of a thank-you note, the unlikely honeymoon destinations, and the flower that every royal bride has in her bouquet, take a look at all the important and quirky details you need to know . . .

10 Classic ’80s Shows Streaming on Netflix Right Friggin’ Now

Lately, we’ve witnessed a wave of nostalgia for the ’80s in modern shows like Stranger Things and GLOW. The ’80s were a turbulent time in history, marked by the presidency of Ronald Reagan, the end of the Cold War, and – perhaps to the consternation of our fashion sensibilities today – the advent of flamboyant neon Jazzercise apparel. The decade also gave rise to some of the most foundational shows in television history. If you’re keen on learning more about television then, Netflix offers a diverse selection of shows that hail from that wild era, from the widely beloved Cheers to the meme-inspiring He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Henry Jaglom’s ‘Train to Zakopané’ betrays its stage origins

Adapted from his 2014 play of the same name, Henry Jaglom’s “Train to Zakopané,” shot in black-and-white, is an expanded reenactment of an uncomfortable encounter related by his father during a fateful rail trip.

Unfortunately, the ride from stage to screen proves equally bumpy.

The year is 1928,…

Senate urged to fight for right to try CJ

Senate urged to fight for right to try CJ

A broad coalition of activists, lawmakers, church and civil society leaders, artists and journalists on Wednesday prodded the Senate to fight for its constitutional right to try Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno by asking the Supreme Court to suspend its deliberations on a challenge to the appointment of the country’s top judge.

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