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Russian bombers enter US air defense zone, intercepted

Russian bombers enter US air defense zone, intercepted

WASHINGTON, United States — US fighter jets intercepted two long-range Russian “Bear” bombers in international airspace off western Alaska, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said Saturday. The long-range Tupelev Tu-95 bombers were “intercepted and visually identified” Friday morning by a pair of F-22 Raptors as the Russian aircraft flew just north of Alaska’s Aleutian […]

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Kristin Davis Almost Played Carrie in Sex and the City, and Um, WHAT?!

Image Source: Everett Collection

If you’ve seen a single episode of Sex and the City, then chances are you’ve either asked or answered the following question: “Are you a Carrie, a Charlotte, a Samantha, or a Miranda?” The characters are just that iconic. But as it turns out, Carrie and Charlotte almost turned out really, really differently.

In an excerpt from Jennifer Keishin Armstrong’s upcoming book, Sex and the City and Us, SATC creator Darren Star briefly considered Kristin Davis for the role of Carrie Bradshaw instead of Sarah Jessica Parker. Apparently Parker wasn’t fully on board with the idea of playing the Manolo Blahnik-obsessed writer, so Star turned to Davis – who at that point had already been cast as Charlotte York – to see if she wanted to read for the character. Fortunately for all of us, Davis knew that she was meant to play the optimistic, rule-following, fairy tale love-seeking art dealer right from the start.

After Davis read Star’s description of Carrie, which painted a picture of a woman “with the body of Heather Locklear and the mind of Dorothy Parker,” Davis’s reaction was: “I am never in a hundred million years going to have the body of Heather Locklear.” The actress also wasn’t down with all of Carrie’s nudity, cursing, and smoking (traits that were later reworked by Star before filming). “Carrie’s fantastic, but I’m Charlotte,” she said.

May all the SATC fans among us go to sleep tonight thanking their lucky stars that Davis saw the potential in Charlotte, otherwise we might never have been blessed with her most iconic scene:

From Iron Man to Avengers: Infinity War, See How Much EVERY Character Has Changed

It’s hard to believe that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) began 10 years ago and has spawned 19 films (and that’s just so far). From 2008’s Iron Man to 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, we’ve met superheroes and villains galore, forgiven some antiheroes, and mourned fictional loved ones as if they were our own. What began with Tony Stark confessing, “I am Iron Man,” has become something truly epic. We’ve watched our heroes evolve from their origin story to form the collective that we know as the Avengers, so in celebration of 10 years of awesomeness, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how our beloved Marvel characters have changed from their first movies to now. Avengers assemble!

Garage dweller now cum laude; he didn’t waste kindness of strangers

Garage dweller now cum laude; he didn’t waste kindness of strangers

Five years after his story was published on the front page of the Inquirer, Charls Bryan Katipunan, now 21, described how life had changed since he graduated valedictorian at Batasan Hills National High School and delivered a speech that made the whole class cry.

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