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SolGen pressured to bare SALNs

SolGen pressured to bare SALNs

The retired businesswoman who filed a graft and misconduct complaint in the Office of the Ombudsman against Solicitor General Jose Calida challenged him on Friday to make public his financial statements after he was found to be the majority owner of a company that provides security to four state agencies since 2016 when he joined the government.

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13 Reasons Why: You’ve Seen Jessica in a Ton of Places Before

Image Source: Netflix

13 Reasons Why‘s highly-anticipated second season came in like a wrecking ball, reducing us all into the fetal position in the backs of our closets. The heavy themes wouldn’t be half as heartbreaking if the show wasn’t perfectly cast, and we’ve been looking into why everyone looks so damn familiar. One of the strongest performances comes via Alisha Boe, who plays Jessica.

Unlike costars Katherine Langford or Brandon Flynn, Boe has tons of TV experience. (No shade to Langford or Flynn, who are both incredible.) 21-year-old Boe has appeared on over a dozen shows since 2008, ranging from Parenthood (with her 13 Reasons Why costar Miles Heizer!) to Days of Our Lives. She’s also had long arcs on Casual, Teen Wolf, and Ray Donovan. Here she is on the last series as Janet:

Image Source: Showtime

So, what’s next for Boe? According to her IMDb page, she’ll costar with Stranger Things actress Natalia Dyer in the 2019 drama Yes, God, Yes. While unfortunately there’s still no official word on season three (although there are rumblings), we have a feeling Boe will return to our lives as Jessica really soon. After the season two finale, how could they not give us more episodes?!

Riverdale, Coco, and 60 Other Exciting New Titles Hitting Netflix in May

If you’re still working your way through all the new movies and TV shows that hit Netflix in April, take a deep breath, because the streaming giant isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. Now that May is here, Netflix is celebrating Spring the only way it knows how: by adding a whole host of fresh titles to your binge list. Hopefully you’re ready, because the full list of new movies and series that will be making their debut is now available. It includes entries like Scream 2, The Bourne Ultimatum, Coco, Mamma Mia!, and even more original content!