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ICYMI: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Are Engaged, and Fans Are Losing Their Minds

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s surprise engagement is the talk of the internet right now, and fans already have some strong opinions. While the couple’s whirlwind romance started just a few weeks ago, the stars are clearly smitten with each other (Pete already made a permanent tribute to Ariana of his own) and now they’re planning to make things really official.

The couple has yet to publicly confirm the news themselves, however, it’s already sent fans on their own roller coaster of emotions including excitement, worry, shock, awe, you name it. Regardless of how you feel, these Twitter fan reactions will make you crack a smile.

Meet the Young Royal Who Had No Problem Telling Prince George to Be Quiet

If you’ve ever been one of the older kids in a family group, you’ll know what a pain it is having to deal with the little ones you’re inevitably put in charge of. Clearly, that’s how Savannah Phillips felt at Saturday’s Trooping the Colour celebration, when she was spotted trying to keep Princess Charlotte amused, before shushing Prince George, and putting her hand over his mouth to hide his laughter.

But who is this little girl who had no qualms about being so hands-on with the future monarch? Well, she too is an important member of the royal family, as the eldest daughter of Princess Anne’s son, Peter Phillips, and his wife Autumn. Savannah was born in 2010, and at 7 years old she is the eldest of Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren. Though she’s 15th in line to the throne, Savannah doesn’t have a royal title, as Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips declined the queen’s offer to give her father a title when he was born. Savannah has a younger sister, Isla, who was also at Trooping the Colour, on the other side of their cousin George.

Prince William and Peter Phillips have always been said to be close, so it’s no surprise that their children have a cute bond too. Ahead, see the cheeky young royals getting mischievous on the Buckingham Palace balcony!

SwRI to manage payload, payload systems engineering for IMAP mission

Southwest Research Institute will manage the payload and payload systems engineering for a new NASA mission that will sample, analyze and map particles streaming to Earth from the edge of interstellar space. SwRI also will provide a scientific instrument and other technology for the Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) spacecraft, scheduled to launch in 2024.

33 Reactions to Hereditary That’ll Either Convince You to See It or Bathe in Holy Water

The following contains mild spoilers for Hereditary.

I’m a horror movie enthusiast; in fact, I’ve seen so many scary movies that I thought I’d lost the ability to feel terror anymore. If a real-life serial killer popped up in front of me in a dark hallway, I’d probably shrug and say “Is that the best you can do?” So, when I started seeing reviews for Hereditary, I figured I’d see it, but chalked most of the impassioned reactions up to marketing.

And can you blame me? Nobody can honestly tell me that the Hereditary Heart Rate Monitor Test” doesn’t sound like a The Blair Witch Project-level marketing gimmick!

Imagine my surprise when I was moved to actual tears within half an hour of the movie, and the person behind me in the theater had screamed out loud thrice before the credits rolled. The movie – especially its final few minutes – is a mastery of the horror genre, and fills you with a sense of dread that feels impossible to fully describe without resorting to hyperbole.

These visceral reactions from horror fans on Twitter echo my feelings. Reading through these under-280-character reviews will either convince you that you need to see Hereditary ASAP, or have you on Amazon buying a night light for your bedroom. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

13 Major Royal Milestones Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Already Hit This Year

Just because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were busy planning a wedding, it doesn’t mean they weren’t getting sh*t done. It was quite the opposite, actually. After ringing in the new year in Monaco, the couple got right back to work and continued with their royal engagements. Even though Meghan still has yet to officially announce her own charity patronages, she’s been accompanying Harry on his. By the end of the year, she’ll have completed her first solo public engagement and likely her first royal tour. We’re already tired just from thinking about all of these firsts, but you know what they say: work hard, play hard!

Exploring the dusty prehistory of the solar system

The solar system as we know it formed about 4.6 billion years ago as fields of interstellar dust orbiting the sun aggregated into planets and smaller objects. Presolar dust particles no longer exist in the inner solar system, as they were long ago destroyed, reformed, and reaggregated in multiple phases. From the vantage of such a long period of time, astronomers can only make inferences about its composition and the processes that led to the solar system’s present configuration, bringing to bear advanced instruments on Earth, in orbit, and in deep space to collect evidence.

Jazmine Sullivan turns the Playboy Jazz Festival into her own concert

“Do we have any Jazmine Sullivan fans out there?” asked Jazmine Sullivan, and who knows? — maybe she was really unsure.

Onstage Sunday night at the Hollywood Bowl, the R&B singer was performing near the end of the annual two-day Playboy Jazz Festival, sandwiched between the Ramsey Lewis Quintet…