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Yes, There’s a Movie Set in Every Single US State – These Are the Most Iconic

As we celebrate holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, we can’t help but think about the vast history of our country, and the very different states that make up our nation. This complex variation is represented on film, and yes – there’s a movie set in every single US state. There’s obviously more than one memorable movie per state and multiple memorable movies set in certain states, but we’ve narrowed it down to one single iconic film to represent each one.

These Insanely Adorable Pics of Prince George Prove 2018 May Be His Cutest Year Yet

We may only be halfway in, but 2018 has already been quite the busy year for Prince George. He’s become a big brother for the second time, enjoyed the Trooping the Colour parade with his cousin Savannah, and was even a page boy in his uncle Harry’s wedding. But when the young royal isn’t attending official events, he’s just like every other 4-year-old; he loves to pal around with friends and younger sister Charlotte and play with his favorite toys. Whether he’s acting like a normal kid or performing his royal duties, Prince George always manages to ham it up for the cameras and look super adorable in the process. Click through to see all his cutest moments from the year so far.

25 Movies to Watch in Your 20s – No Excuses!

Your 20s are a maddening, exciting, and confusing time in your life when you’ve upgraded from slurping ramen between classes to figuring out how to make rent with your entry-level internship. Juggling the pressures of building a career and finding “the one,” you might end up dazed and confused. Luckily, film is excellent soul medicine for the countless quarter-life crisis sufferers out there. Plenty of movies capture the struggles of becoming a functional adult, often with wit and honesty. From indie rom-coms like Garden State to energetic blockbusters like The Devil Wears Prada, there’s a film out there that will make you feel less alone.

Read on to discover a list of quintessential movies for surviving and thriving as a 20-something.

Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Are All Grown Up, and Seriously When Did This Happen?

Jennifer Lopez may still be Jenny from the Block, but her twins Maximilian and Emme are definitely no longer babies. The precious pair has been gracing our Instagram feeds for over nine years, but we’re still shocked by how quickly they’ve grown up – and, judging from all of the TBTs she has posted lately, so is Mama J Lo.

She consistently provides her followers with a mix of throwbacks and daily snapshots of the twins, and her recent pictures have got us feeling all sorts of nostalgic for when they were still sweet little tots. Check out all of the cute ‘grams Jennifer has provided us with so far this year to see just how grown up the twins are looking.

25 New Dance Songs That Your Wedding Guests Won’t Be Able to Resist

It’s not always easy to get your wedding guests on the dance floor. That’s why we’ve put together a playlist that even your guests with two left feet won’t be able to resist. Whether your friends and family are fans of EDM, pop, or country, this year’s hottest dance songs offer something for everyone. We hope you’ve been practicing your dance moves!

Medical News Today: How do you improve poor circulation?

Poor circulation has a range of potential causes, including diabetes and atherosclerosis. Symptoms include numbness in the extremities, digestive problems, and fatigue. Treatment depends on the cause, but quitting smoking and losing weight can help. Learn more about poor circulation and how to improve it here.

Medical News Today: What causes hiccups in babies in the womb?

A baby may hiccup while in the womb. This can be a regular occurrence for some women to feel but may not happen to everyone. There are some occasions when excessive hiccupping in the womb needs to be assessed by a doctor, as it may sometimes lead to serious complications. Learn more about baby hiccups in the womb here.

Medical News Today: Is time-restricted eating effective for weight loss?

Time-restricted eating is a diet plan that requires people to limit themselves to only eating during specific hours of the day and then fasting outside of this period. Here, we look at what time-restricted eating is, whether or not it works, and what effect it has on muscle gain. We also provide tips for beginners.

Are They or Aren’t They? Nikki Bella Sets the Record Straight on Her Relationship With John Cena

There have been so many conflicting reports about the current status of Nikki Bella and John Cena’s relationship that Nikki is finally setting the record straight. On Sunday, the 34-year-old WWE superstar posted a video on YouTube, explaining that she and John are just friends at the moment. “We are both working on each other and trying to work on us,” she said. “He’s not only my best friend, but he truly is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.”

However, not all hope is lost just yet. Nikki did say that she does “have hope for us” and that she is “beyond grateful that I have this amazing man who is staying by my side and helping me fight through those issues.” Nikki and John were together for six years before they split back in April. See what else Nikki had to say in the video above.

20 Romantic Comedies You Need to Have on Your Radar in 2018

Luckily for all the romantics out here, 2018 is promising a ton of exciting movies, many of which include stellar romantic comedies. Like any year in the last decade or so, movie theaters have been dominated by epic superhero events and beyond-big sequels, but if you’re looking for some movies that are a bit smaller in scale but big on heart, we have the list for you. With some cute adaptations and continuations of beloved series on the big screen, as well as a few adorable contributions from Netflix, there’s a little bit of love out there for everyone.