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Blanca’s Devastating Final Scene in OITNB Has Fans Feeling a Whole Lot of Emotions

Warning: this post contains spoilers for Orange Is the New Black season six.

Over the years, Orange Is the New Black‘s Blanca Flores (played by Laura Gómez) has become a fan favorite. In season one, Blanca is deemed crazy because she’s constantly in a particular bathroom stall talking to “Diablo” (“Devil” in Spanish). Turns out it’s because she has a hidden cellphone and Diablo is actually her boyfriend’s nickname. She’s later forced into psych after flipping out when her contraband cellphone is stolen, but by season four, it’s clear she’s done messing around. Her peaceful protest of the COs and Piscatella’s power turns violent and results in Poussey’s death. In season five, she’s plays a pivotal part in the riot at Licthfield, is taken captive by Piscatella, and has to witness the torture of Red. All of this is to say that Blanca has been going through it on the hit Netflix show.

Finally, in season six, we see her put into C block at Litchfield Max. The latest batch of episodes deal with Blanca and Diablo coming up with a plan to get her pregnant after the prison gynecologist tells her that she needs to think about her fertility since she’s getting older. Although it doesn’t go as the two had hoped, she does find out she’s getting an early release. In the season finale, we see Diablo sweetly waiting for Blanca with flowers outside of Litchfield, but in a devastating twist, they don’t actually get to reunite – it’s revealed that the reason Blanca has been released early from prison is because she’s being taken into custody by ICE for illegal immigration.

“I don’t think you can talk to anyone who is an immigrant right now, especially anyone who is a Latin American immigrant, who doesn’t feel sick in their stomach. I have it all around me. I talk about it all day, every day . . . So it wasn’t too difficult to tap into it. It was actually the opposite,” Gómez told The Hollywood Reporter about filming that scene. Considering the current political climate, it’s no wonder fans had a lot of feelings about that last gut-wrenching moment. If you’re still upset about it – and we don’t blame you – keep reading to see what fellow OITNB viewers are saying about the scene.

Gina Rodriguez Shows Off Her Fit Figure in Mexico, and All We Have to Say Is, “Damn, Gina!”

Gina Rodriguez and Joe LoCicero could not be any cuter if they tried! The couple are currently enjoying a romantic getaway in Tulum, Mexico, and on Tuesday, they nearly set the beach on fire. Gina, who’s clearly been putting in work at the gym, showed off her incredible figure in a sexy blue and white thong bikini, while Joe ditched his shirt and flaunted his chiseled physique. All we have to say to that is: “Damn, Gina!” To make matters even sweeter, it was also Gina’s 34th birthday on July 30 – oh yeah, and she and Joe are engaged!

According to Us Weekly, Joe recently popped the question to Gina after nearly two years together. Earlier this week, Gina shared Instagram photos of herself wearing a massive diamond ring on her left hand, and if you look closely at these pictures, you’ll be able to get another look at the diamond stunner. Congrats to Gina and Joe!

Critic’s Choice: Hungarian drama ‘1945’ gets an encore

The premise is simple but compelling: Two strangers get off a train in a small town and nothing is ever the same again. It could be the setup for a classic western, but the town is in rural Hungary, the two men are Orthodox Jews, and the year, as the title indicates, is “1945.”

Photographed in…

16 of TV’s Most Inspirational Female Friendships

These days, it is beautifully common to see a big band of powerful, influential women marching together and preaching feminism. There is still a weird paradigm, however, in terms of what an “aspirational female friendship” should look like. On the one hand, there is the polished, Instagram-ready friendship we see presented by stars like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. But however pure the friendship behind those alliances may be, they still have an undeniable brand value that makes them feel sort of manufactured. #Squadgoals definitely had its moment, but it tends to apply to long-legged, dressed-to-the-nines snapshots of girlfriends more so than Gloria Steinem giving Ruth Bader Ginsburg a high-five.

No one has a monopoly on feminism, but for all the talk of this being a new heyday for women’s representation in the media, it’s kind of a bummer to see a commodified, watered-down version of the movement presented as pop culture’s mainstream. And yet, I am hopeful, because TV is really and truly in a new Golden Age, and this one features a whole lot more women – in front of and behind the camera.

For the first time in my adult life, I don’t have to search desperately for a show that passes the Bechdel test. Not only can I see my and my friends’ experiences represented on television more consistently, but I can find multiple examples of female friendships the I actually do aspire to have. Too often, the image of celebrity friendship doesn’t give us much to aim for beyond an outward appearance of glamour and social clout, but with television, we can dive into the good, the bad, and even the mundane of what it means to be lady friends. With that, let’s take a look at the shows that are changing the way female friendship is represented on TV!

USC Cinematic Arts suspends CBS’ Moonves from its board; Annenberg School removes his name from student newsroom

USC School of Cinematic Arts on Wednesday suspended embattled CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves from the school’s board shortly after the university’s communications department said it was temporarily removing Moonves’ name from its cutting-edge student newsroom.

“The school takes the recent allegations…

Wondering How Old The Bachelorette’s Jason Tartick Is? Here’s Your Answer

On the penultimate episode of Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, Bachelor Nation collectively mourned the departure of her third runner-up, Jason Tartick. The dreamy, articulate, easygoing corporate banker from Buffalo, NY, isn’t just easy on the eyes – he’s a genuine catch both in and out of the franchise.

Since his premature elimination (hours before what would have undoubtedly been a very steamy fantasy suite date), there’s been a consistent outpouring of “Jason for Bachelor!” cries. No surprise there, really. Though some others are giving him a run for his money (Joe the Grocer, anyone?), we think he’s got a pretty good shot at the gig.

Not only does he have a plethora of desirable partner qualities – a successful career, a great family, an adventurous spirit – but he’s also ripe for the picking in terms of age. The potential lead is 29 years old, which also happens to be the average age of marriage for men in the USA right now. We’re not saying he’s a shoo-in, but the Bachelor role kind of sounds like it’s meant to be . . .

At Ambient Church, a sacred setting for radically meditative music

In 1949, the British composer Daphne Oram wrote a piece for two orchestras. A traditional ensemble would perform first, then its work would be manipulated through early-era electronics. When the two sides were joined onstage, it was to sound like nothing before it.

Or it would have, if anyone had…