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21 Reasons Louis Tomlinson Is the Hot Brit Who Should Be on Your Radar

It’s hard to sum up my love for Louis Tomlinson, who I more affectionately call King Louis most of the time, because he’s a talented man who deserves to be celebrated as such. Louis, formerly of One Direction fame, has gradually been breaking into the solo music scene since the group went on hiatus at the end of 2015. Last year, he and Steve Aoki collaborated on the dance hit “Just Hold On,” and now Louis is back with another hit, this time with Bebe Rexha, called “Back to You.”

Most likely, you haven’t heard of Louis, because it seems like everyone only knows about Harry Styles, but I’m here to tell you that Louis is the one to watch. Back in the 1D days, Louis wrote a lot of the band’s music, and now that he’s a solo star, he’s not only writing his own, but he’s writing for other artists. He’s out there doin’ the damn thing and charming the world in the process. If you’re not already familiar with him and his beautiful face, I’m here to help you out and bring you on board with us. I’ve got 21 reasons to love him here, though if you let me, I’d probably provide you with approximately 7,454,987,371,280 of them. But alas . . . here are 21.