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A moving tribute to Linkin Park’s late singer Chester Bennington at the Hollywood Bowl

There was a silent microphone at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday night. As the surviving members of Linkin Park took the stage, the spotlight fixed on a wreath-dressed mic stand, where singer Chester Bennington should have been.

As the band played the churning, pleading single “Numb,” the five Linkin Park members stayed in the shadows, the only spotlight illuminating the empty space up front.

Friday’s show was a difficult one for fans (and certainly the members as well) of the longtime L.A. heavy rock band. After Bennington’s suicide in July, the band was left reeling without its frontman. Their future as a group was uncertain, their personal loss profound.

“This show is probably the hardest thing we’ve ever decided to do,” singer-rapper Mike Shinoda said, as he took the mic and spoke to the silent, reverent crowd. “I don’t have the words.”