“Andi Eigenmann torn about making a big sacrifice for new movie”


Actress Andi Eigenmann says she is saddened that she will be away from her second child, Lilo, for the very first.

Actress Andi Eigenmann said she is saddened that she will be away from her second child, Lilo, for the very first time since her baby was born as she will be busy filming a new movie very soon.

On Instagram, the Agua Bendita star shared that she will be gone for a month to shoot her newest project.

“And now comes the hardest part. After almost 6 months, I am leaving Lilo for the very first time with papa on the island, because I will be busy filming a new movie. While I am stoked to be back in front of the camera, and to get another chance to bond with Ellie where it’s just her and me, it hurts to leave papa and my little one. It will only be for a month, but that’s way too long for me to be away from my children. I know it will feel like forever. Specially because there’s a chance I’d miss out on some milestones,” she said.

“Papa” is Lilo’s father and Andi’s longtime partner, pro surfer Philmar Alipayo, while Ellie is the actress’ eight-year-old daughter from her previous relationship with Jake Ejercito.

“But I’m so grateful to have papa [Philmar] to count on, and Lilo’s lolo, lola and tita ninang [Angie Alipayo] to help him out too. I am going to miss my little one soooo much! But I will be doing this for all of us! And after this will be so rewarding that we will all be complete again on the island hopefully in our new home sweet home!” she added, referring to their family home in Siargao island.

Andi last appeared on the horror flick All Souls Night and the drama The Maid in London in 2018.

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