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Anthony Mackie Will Lead the Cast of Altered Carbon Season 2 as Takeshi Kovacs

Altered Carbon‘s second season is officially in production, so Netflix figured what better way to celebrate that than by announcing which talented stars have joined the sci-fi series. Leading the charge is Anthony Mackie, who is stepping into the role of Takeshi Kovacs. The character is a former protectorate CTAC soldier who went on to become a revolutionary envoy and, finally, a mercenary for hire. Since the series takes place in a universe where humans’ consciousness can be switched into different bodies (aka “sleeves”), Kovacs was played by three actors the first time around: Byron Mann, Will Yun Lee, and Joel Kinnaman. It’ll be interesting to see how Mackie takes on the role, but he isn’t the only familiar face you’ll see in season two. Check out all the exciting additions, ahead.