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“Bangs Garcia shows one-year-old daughter how to do household chores”

According to Bangs, “children who know how to do chores will also learn responsibility and gain important life skills.”

Her daughter Amelia might still be one year old, but Bangs Garcia wants to already teach her daughter the importance of helping in household chores. In an Instagram post on February 9, Bangs wrote, “Doing chores will help your child feel like they’re part of the team. Initially, it’ll be ‘playtime’ for them; but, eventually, they would learn that these duties are a part of daily life and that everyone has a role to play in running the household.”

She added that showing them how to do chores will teach them that “families are built on mutual obligations and that family members need to help each other.” 

Bangs also highlighted that it is also essential to commend kids when they try to help at home. “While their efforts may make only a small contribution or none at this stage, you’re teaching them that helping is reasonable and fun. Give them every opportunity and offer them plenty of praise, in time the results will improve too. This will also help build their confidence and self-esteem.”

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