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Billie Eilish Surprised a Ton of Unsuspecting Superfans, and Yes, Squealing Ensued

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A group of Billie Eilish superfans recently got the surprise of a lifetime when they came face to face with their idol — and yes, plenty of tears, hugs, and squeals were involved. A handful of young girls thought they were simply invited to test out the new Just Dance 2020 and break it down to Billie’s “Bad Guy” (one of the song choices in the video game), but in the middle of their dance sessions, Billie slipped into the background and casually crept up behind them. Needless to say, the fans were all shook to their core when they realized it was truly Billie in the flesh, and one girl even tearfully admitted, “You’re my everything.” Aww! Watch the full video above to see the pure reactions unfold.

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