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“Bureau of Immigration claims Xian Gaza’s viral story ‘sounds silly’”

BI says Xian Gaza’s story about getting through immigration despite having several warrants of arrest is fake.

Photos credit: Xian S. Gaza FB

After Xian Gaza’s story about how he fled the country despite having three warrants of arrest and a five-year sentence after the Malabon Metropolitan Trial Court found him guilty beyond reasonable doubt of violating Batas Pambansa (BP) 22 or the Anti-Bouncing Checks Law, Bureau of Immigration (BI) spokesperson Dana Sandoval released a statement saying his story is “no Hollywood-level storyline.”

“Since he had no derogatory record when he left, he was cleared for departure.  It was quite uneventful and ordinary, really.  No Hollywood-level storyline, just regular immigration clearance,” Sandoval said.

“He said it so himself, his story is based on what happened, but sadly it’s not what actually happened,” she added.

Sandoval stressed that Gaza’s story is false.

“The story is preposterous, similar to other claims he made in the past.  If you know regular airport procedures, his story sounds silly.  Ang daming loopholes,” she said.

“Booking numerous flights will not help evade police.  Everything is recorded in our systems, with one click you’ll know which flight a person really took.”

Since the story went viral, it has become a “cause for concern.”

“Stunts like this using the Bureau to gain fame and stay relevant are a security risk.  He is making a mockery of our airport procedures for attention.”

After the BI issued a statement, Gaza took to social media to apologize.

Humihingi po ako ng pasensya sa Bureau of Immigration. Hindi ko po intensyon na dungisan ang inyong imahe at kredibilidad. Kung mabibigyan po ako ng sanction at makakasuhan dahil dito, ‘wag naman po sana. Mabuhay ang ahensya,” he said.

Gaza gained public attention after asking actress Erich Gonzales for a coffee date via a billboard put up in Morayta, Manila

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