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Calendar letters: These are professionals doing their jobs

Regarding “Spielberg Takes Aim at Streaming Services” by Randall Roberts [March 3]: Thank you, Steven Spielberg. I am a college film professor and my biggest challenge is to simply get my students to see a movie in a theater. I inform them of all the theaters that offer half-price tickets daily. I make it an assignment to see a movie in a theater, write a review and staple the ticket stub to it. Films are made to be seen big, not on a television screen, not on an iPhone, but in a theater. The communal experience of viewing a comedy in a darkened theater, with people laughing all around you, is just wonderful. Superheroes are big, and the screens upon which they are seen must be the same. Movies are an essential and important part of our culture and our heritage. Sitting in a living room, no matter how large your television, is just not the same. Fight on, Mr. Spielberg.

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