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169 Field Day Punters Arrested For Drug Offences

NewsWritten by Zanda Wilson on January 2, 2020 Sydney’s Field Day music festival on New Year’s Day saw 169 people arrested by police on drug-related charges. Of the 169 arrests, 167 of those were for possession, and just two for supply. In an official statement, Police NSW revealed that a high-visibility operation was in place […]

Tex Perkins Flipped The Bird To Scott Morrison On The ABC

NewsWritten by Jackson Langford on January 1, 2020 Tex Perkins ended 2019 in the most publicly ballsy way possible and given Prime Minister Scott Morrison the bloody finger…on live television…on the ABC…the government funded broadcaster. During ABC’s live New Year’s Eve coverage last night, Perkins dedicated The Cruel Sea song ‘The Honeymoon is Over’ to […]

Wildlands Festival, Brisbane – 28/12/19

Gig ReviewsWritten by Jackson Langford on December 31, 2019 The festival scene across the country throughout the days leading up to New Year’s Eve is absolutely gluttonous, to say the very least. People in major cities are completely spoiled for choice, more so than they already are, and even those in rural areas have the […]

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