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Two New Beasts for an Explosive Zoo

And you thought gamma-ray bursts were spectacular! Well, they are: Those titanic stellar explosions vastly outshine complete galaxies and shoot out tenuous jets at near-light speed. But a new class of objects, known as Fast Blue Optical Transients (FBOTs) for their rapid flares and blue-hot color, compare to gamma-ray bursts as dinosaurs compare to jaguars. […]

Tiny Cardboard Aircraft Could Fly in the Skies of Mars

What would be the best method for exploring planetary atmospheres, such as at Mars, Venus or even Earth? One group of researchers are developing tiny, levitating “nanocardboard” aircraft that could hover in alien skies. They would fly like dust floating in beams of sunlight – but intelligently, and with a purpose. “It’s exciting because it’s […]

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