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Seeing baby stars at every stage of their formation

Stars form from the collapse of dense clouds of gas and dust, which makes it very hard for astronomers to watch the process unfold. Recently the ALMA telescope has revealed a treasure trove of embryonic stars in the Taurus Molecular Cloud, illuminating how baby stars are born. The Atacama Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in the Atacama […]

The 5 Possibilities For Life On Mars

For as long as humanity has been watching the skies, we’ve been fascinated with the possibility that other worlds — much like Earth — might contain living organisms. While our visits to the Moon taught us that it’s completely barren and uninhabited, other worlds within our Solar System remain full of potential. Venus might have […]

Lunar Eclipse: A Proxy for Exoplanet Observation

When it comes to detecting life on planets around other stars, my guess is that what will initially appear to be a life signature will quickly become controversial. We might, for example, find ozone in an exoplanet atmosphere with a space telescope like HabEX (Habitable Exoplanet Observatory). That would lead to hyperbolic news stories, to […]

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