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How Planetesimals Are Born

What governs the size of a newly forming star as it emerges from the molecular cloud around it? The answer depends upon the ability of gravity to overcome internal pressure within the cloud, and that in turn depends upon exceeding what is known as the Jeans Mass, whose value will vary with the density of […]

Alien raindrops are similar to those on Earth

Alien rain isn’t as foreign as you might expect. Showers on other worlds can definitely be exotic. On Saturn’s huge moon Titan, for example, liquid hydrocarbons fall through the skies, course down river channels and fill big lakes and seas.  But those Titanian methane droplets —  and the sulfuric acid globules that fall on Venus […]

Four Spiral Arms Walk into a Bar…

Title: The SEDIGISM survey: First Data Release and overview of the Galactic structure Authors: F Schuller, J S Urquhart, T Csengeri, D Colombo, A Duarte-Cabral, M Mattern, A Ginsburg, A R Pettitt, F Wyrowski, L Anderson, F Azagra, P Barnes, M Beltran, H Beuther, S Billington, L Bronfman, R Cesaroni, C Dobbs, D Eden, M-Y […]

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