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What’s Left Behind When You Boil A Gas Giant?

When we take a look at the planets in our Solar System, there’s a pretty clear difference between the four inner, rocky worlds and the outer, gaseous, giant planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are all small, low in mass, and dense, with atmospheres that represent only a tiny fraction-of-a-percent of the planet’s overall matter. […]

The Perseid Meteor Shower

By Kevin Schindler, Lowell Observatory Historian The passing of July to August signals the arrival of one of the most prominent and reliable meteor showers, the Perseids. It has wowed observers for centuries and inspired many to capture their awe in writing, from the Chinese observer who in 36 AD made the first written record […]

Was Early Mars "Wet and Warm"? Or Wet and Cold?

The western edge of the Devon ice cap on the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The similarity between many Martian valleys and the subglacial channels on Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic motivated the authors to conduct their comparative study.A. Grau Galofre / ASU According to new research, early Mars was wet, but rarely warm. Ancient Mars […]

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