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“Ces Drilon on her son Andre coming out as bisexual, “I never knew had an identity crisis””

Ces Drilon on her son Andre coming out as bisexual, “I never knew had an identity crisis”

Ces Drilon opens up about her son Andre and also speaks up about the difficulties of raising four sons.

In a recent interview with Philstar online earlier this month, Ces Drilon recounted her thoughts when her son Andre came out to her as a bisexual last year. 

“I never knew that he had an identity crisis. He just told me out of the blue. ‘Mom, I’m bisexual.’ Di ko na alam ang sasabihin ko. I should have engaged him, I should have asked, ‘Do you know about condoms?’” she shared. 

In the same interview, Andre, who is the youngest of her four sons, revealed his personal struggle when he first came out. 

“They assumed that because I’m Ces Drilon’s son, I didn’t encounter any problems, that when you’re rich and privileged, your problems matter less. The difficulty was not being accepted by either the straight or gay community. I felt very much without my own people, without support. I felt separated from people who should’ve been my compatriots and fighting the same fight I did,” he shares in the Philstar interview. 

After her separation from her husband, Ces also admitted she went through a difficult time that included her needing counselling. 

“I’m so proud that despite my inadequacies, my sons turned out to be good people — that for me is the best compliment. I remember talking to my eldest son’s teacher and I asked how he was doing in school, and she said he was a very good human being. And I love that his brothers are looking out for Andre while he’s still finding himself.” 

Ces also said in the interview that she hopes her son Andre will discover his true lifelong passion which she will fully support as well.