CFMOTO Reveals All New CONCEPT Model NK-C22 And Its Sub Electric Brand ZEEHO At EICMA 2022

MILAN, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The first day of the EICMA International Motorcycle Show landed the spotlight on CFMOTO. China’s leading powersports manufacturer arrived with new models including NK-C22, Special Model 800MT SPORT R, first electric motorcycle Papio Nova, and the intelligence platform “CFMOTO RIDE”.

The sub electric brand ZEEHO, were officially launched along with a concept Magnet.

Concept NK-C22

Based on the CFMOTO 800cc engine platform, the body is covered with forged carbon fiber, and the water tank guard is also designed as a fixed wind wing with great visual tension. The whole vehicle is very compact. Dual exhaust, single-sided swingarm and distinctive rims reflect the daring and innovative allure of the NK-C22.

800MT SPORT R-A concept of combining CFMOTO MOTO3 race bike and 800MT

A product destined for long rides, and adventures on a comfortable seat. The sportive ergo ensures maximum control and fun riding while a custom design guarantees aerodynamic performances. The livery is inspired by the CFMOTO racing team, making its looking unique and full of personality.

Papio Nova-The first pure Electric Motorcycle

It is a brilliant motorcycle with handling and quality level that are comparable with its gasoline siblings. It is equipped with 69.3V32A*2 lithium batteries and, maximum horse power reaches to 30hp and the torque can reach 251 Nm.

CFMOTO RIDE-Intelligence platform to bring connected fun to users

With this platform, functions such as internet of vehicles, Multi Media Interface, smart wearable devices etc. will empower CFMOTO products to bring a safer, more efficient and intelligent riding experience – the NEXT LEVEL FUN.”

ZEEHO and its concept model: Magnet

As the sub-brand of CFMOTO, ZEEHO is to meet the demands of a younger generation. Magnet is a new electric scooter venturing into advanced electric mobility and smart commuting. The max speed is 150km/h, with 0-50km/h acceleration within 2.5s, for an exhilarating ride experience.


CFORCE X reveals the distinctive design cues, including a first glimpse of the new front-end design for the forthcoming models. Commanding appearance with new RIDEVISION LED dynamic lighting, new rear design with high-positioned twin-barrel exhaust emphasizes visual impact.

CFMOTO displayed its models with a large diversity. It is very clear to see that CFMOTO is putting continuous effort into fuel vehicles and its determination and ambition on electrification and intelligence strategy.

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