Chel Diokno to run for Senate in 2022 elections

HUMAN rights lawyer Jose Manuel “Chel” Diokno announced on Wednesday that he will run for the Senate in the 2022 national elections.

In a television interview with One News, Diokno confirmed that he will run as an independent candidate but said he will fully support 1Sambayan in its goal to forge a unity slate for the opposition.

“Sa ngayon po ako ay isang independent (As of now, I’m independent. I have not joined or allied or affiliated with any particular political party. It may happen, but at this point, I am determined to remain independent,” he said.

“I still support fully the initiative of 1Sambayan to come up with a unity slate and I do hope that will happen, because sa tingin ko, lalaki talaga ang tyansa ng oppposition ‘pag nagsama-sama lahat and we can all unite behind the common slate.”

(I still fully support the initiative of 1Sambayan to come up with a unity slate and I do hope that will happen, because I think the opposition will have a big chance if we can all unite behind the common slate.

In 2019, Diokno ran for a senate seat under Otso Diretso.

When asked about what his platforms will be, Diokno said he will still carry his advocacy on justice. However, because of the pandemic, he said the government now has “more immediate matters” to address.

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” We have issues with the delivery of health service to our people, we have issues concerning the MSMEs that have been neglected by this administration,” he said.

“The other issue I think is connected there is the right to education kasi ‘yung tinatamaan ‘pag talagang nagkukulang ang ating kabataan pagdating sa pag-aaral (because our students are really affected). It’s not their fault, it’s really to me the fault of the government. That’s not just going to affect them, it’s going to affect the entire country. We need to return to face-to-face schooling as soon as we can in a safe way. And that can only happen if we reach herd immunity,” he added.

In June, Diokno, one of six nominees of opposition coalition 1Sambayan, declared he will run in the 2022 national elections.

Diokno had also said he has yet to decide which position he will run for, adding he “never aspired” to run for president and vice president.

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