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Critic’s Notebook: In a constellation of experimental sounds, all music is in Fluxus

To begin the regular orchestra concert a couple hours later, the L.A. Phil’s first associate concertmaster, Nathan Cole, gave the kind of solo performance of four Fluxus works that only a virtuoso could. In Ben Patterson’s “Overture III,” he unwrapped a violin from a large box, spilling packing material all over the stage. In Young’s “Composition 1960 #13,” in which the performer is allowed to chose any piece, Cole played a stunning Baroque solo sonata. In Nam June Paik’s “One,” the violinist held his instrument over his head for a minute — during which someone in the audiences yelled, “Don’t do it!” — and then smashed it. In Ono’s “Wall Piece for Orchestra,” he hit his head against the wall.