“Dino Pastrano shifts to horror in the film ‘Midnight in a Perfect World’”


Dino Pastrano talks about veering away from comedy in his latest film project from Globe Studios.

After being the QCinema International Film Festival’s highest grossing film last year, Globe Studios’ Midnight in a Perfect World prepares to stream worldwide this month with actor Dino Pastrano playing one of the four lead roles along with Jasmine Curtis Smith, Glaiza de Castro, and Anthony Falcon who play a group of friends who suddenly get caught in a blackout one night and must suddenly find a safehouse to survive.

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Dino, who was part of films like Baka Siguro Yata and Dukot (which starred Enrique Gil), said his latest role is closely connected to his mom.

“My character’s name is Tonichi. Meron siyang mga pinapaniwalaan tapos he tries to be brave pero may idea siya kung anong nangyayari sa totoo lang. May idea siya pero hindi niya alam kung ano ba talaga yun so along with his friends, meron siyang mga iba pang hinahanap. Close yung ties niya with his mom, along with that, he just tries to be brave and with everything that’s going on, there’s just a few mysteries that he’s trying to solve pa,” he shares during the Midnight in a Perfect World presscon held last January 25.

Working with director Dodo Dayao and a talented roster of actors was a privilege for Dino. “When I got the script and I read it, there was a lot of questions din definitely but from the guidance of direk Dodo (Dayao), which was I think helped us in our acting kasi ghost story siya pero dahil hindi natin alam kung anong nangyari, parang nakatulong din sa amin yung parang (to ask) what’s going to happen? What is going on out there while doing everything. So we just thought to trust the story and we tried to give it our best execution na lang with how we interpreted it as well. I would say it was both mentally and physically exhausting kasi takbo kami ng takbo. That was very tiring but specifically for me, it was challenging in the way I acted kasi when I read the script there were no punchlines and I’m used to just being in a comedy movie. But I took this as a great opportunity to expand my career or my skill and I’m glad the level of talent in this movie was raised so I had to really give it my all. Although exhausting it was very fruitful for me. It as very satisfying. I’m just very glad to be part of this film,” he explained.

As the film is set to stream worldwide through UPSTREAM.ph from January 29 to February 29, 2021, Dino hopes viewers can learn something from this role. “I hope that when watching my character, yung mangyayari sa kanya, if you see the movie from start until the end my character goes through quite a journey and I hope in some sense, maramdaman nila yung weight ng character ko. Panuorin niyo (laughs),” he added.

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