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Essential Arts: L.A. Phil turns 100, an opera inspired by David Lynch, tumult at a university museum

The L.A. Phil is turning 100 and Times classical music critic Mark Swed sums up it up: “An outlier orchestra far from the center of Old Europe and never admitted to the so-called Big Five — the lofty philharmonics and symphony orchestras of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Chicago — that once dominated America, the Los Angeles Philharmonic has become the most significant and successful major orchestra anywhere. Astonishingly, this insurgency involves a supposedly traditional symbol of cultural elitism in La La Land, Tinseltown, the Land of the Plastic Lotus, a place, as Woody Allen’s tired slam goes, “where the only cultural advantage is that you can turn right on a red light.” Read it all the way through for the part about naked breakfast. Los Angeles Times