“EXCLUSIVE: Alex Diaz on moving on from his scandal: ‘Akala ko tapos na career ko’”


Actor-singer Alex Diaz looks forward to returning to showbiz this year as a proud representative of the LGBTQ community.

It’s been four months since a fitness coach accused him of sending an indecent proposal online which eventually led to Alex Diaz outing himself as bisexual. But the actor-singer said he now on a better path in life because he was able to admit to his fans his true identity.

“The scandal is actually what fixed me. After the scandal happened, I was like, ‘ Why do I feel okay? Why do I feel better?’ I feel like finally, it’s not so much about tatanggapin ako, but more of it’s out na. After 25 years of holding my breath, biglang nakahinga ako ng malalim. It was a big exhale for me and I was okay. Whether or not magkaroon pa ako ng career, whether or not mag-stay pa ako sa Pilipinas, I was okay because there were people who I was helping. I realized that the only problem in my life was that I was hiding, was that I hated who I was because I thought that it didn’t fit in the world. Anyone that makes anyone feel like they have to hide themselves or dapat ikahiya nila kung sino sila, those people do not fit in my world now,” he shared during a recent shoot with ABS-CBN Lifestyle. 

After spending time with family in Canada, Alex said he really appreciated all the messages of support he received from his fans during that difficult phase in his life. “At the forefront of everything, I just want every single person who comes across this article to know that I am at the mercy of my fans. I love them so much and my heart bleeds for every single one of them. It’s them. They saved my life actually. I had come to the conclusion that tapos na yung career ko. Akala ko tapos na career ko. I didn’t actually lose confidence. I didn’t expect to have a career after this. I was expecting to move to Canada to pursue YouTube and maybe get a job as a therapist to help people and be a fitness instructor and go back to school for something. Like start living my life on my terms,” he shared.

Coming back to the country for the holidays was also a big surprise for Alex who did not think he would find work again in the Philippines. “Nagulat ako biglang dumami yung projects, biglang pag-uwi ko I still had acting work which was my dream, parang I didn’t get that much work but now ang dami. And it’s all because the fans accepted me and the people who can relate to my story accepted me. They’re like, ‘You’re human. I’m human,’ and that’s the reason I came back. I have unfinished business to do. I have to make sure that these people who related to me, I can’t abandon them. So I came back,” he said.

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