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“EXCLUSIVE: Christian Bautista on married life: ‘It feels fantastic’”

Christian Bautista talks about going on his delayed honeymoon later this year.

After seven months of marriage, Christian Bautista said he and wife Kat Ramnani are doing great. “It feels fantastic. You go home to someone who loves you. You go home to someone you love. It makes your day immediately complete right away. You have a partner who will be by your side. These are all cliches pero it’s true. So someone who’s always by your side no matter what,” he told PUSH.

Christian also explained why he and his wife decided to have a delayed honeymoon later this year. “Schedules unfortunately. Pero we wanted to go doon sa Africa din by December because it’s the best time to go. Mutual decision naman to go there and we’ve both never been there and we want to see animals and we want to see that great continent and country,” he said. Whether there will be a honeymoon baby is still a big question according to Christian. “Depende. We’ll see (laughs). Pero that baby planning, baby making, baka next year yan,” he added.

After marriage, Christian said he is continually discovering many wonderful things about his better half. “She’s an excellent planner. And talagang kung siya yung detailed, ako yung broad strokes. So talagang nag-ko-complement kami,” he said. The couple also enjoy relaxing together at the spa. “Every month dapat nagpapa-massage kami and it’s really just clears the stress. Ang focus ko naman dito sa Blue Water is the Therapeutic colonic massage to get rid of gases, toxins in my abdominal area. And dun talaga na-re-rejuvenate ako,” he shared.

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