“Gino Roque calls new leading lady Elisse Joson, ‘one of the best actresses here in the Philippines’”


Former PBB housemate and ‘Beauty and The Boss actor Gino Roque talks about he feels about his new leading lady.

Known as the “Businessman of Steel from Quezon City” during his stint in the Pinoy Big Brother house last year, Gino Roque said his first major role in the upcoming new iFlix original series Beauty and The Boss is very close to this heart because of his own experience in the business industry. The former PBB housemate admitted he watched a lot of romantic comedies to prepare him for the role of Rafa the business owner.

“In the first episode you will witness the character of Stella and Rafa and how their characters are different. They break away from the usual boy meets girl concept. So I hope you guys enjoy it. Elisse is one of the best actresses here in the Philippines and for her to be part of this project, we were very glad, we were very blessed. So like for me personally, even my whole family was like, ‘O you have to prepare because Elisse will memorize her lines and things like that.’ So I had to go out and memorize. Every day I would practice for four hours. I would get one of our yayas to make bato mga lines. Four hours talaga. So that when she comes in, at least kahit papaano I could memorize my lines also. But she didn’t know that every day I was studying, parang exam (laughs). Pero Elisse is such a wonderful person,” he shared during the Beauty and The Boss iFlix virtual presscon held last October 29. 

Gino said Elisse was also actually his personal choice when they first started casting for the female lead. “Our team chose Elisse because I have a good team behind me and I gave them a description of Stella the character and then when the roster came out, it became kind of personal preference. And then I just saw Elisse and she basically resembles the character of Stella eh. Even if you go on her Instagram, she dresses up just like how Stella would and so all of us, we gravitated towards Stella and we’re just so thankful that she got on board with it,” he said.

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The 25-year-old actor admitted he was not confident on his first day on the set. “Getting to know Elisse for that many days, siyempre at the start I was very intimidated kasi we all know here, Elisse is one of the most beautiful people here and so siyempre personally, buti na lang the first scenes of Rafa, he’s very stiff and very shy (laughs). I’m like, ‘Wow, sakto.’ Wala masyadong acting dito. I’ll just go out and one take lang ‘to. But then with Elisse kasi, she has all the characteristics of Stella kasi aside from being pretty she’s also very intelligent and she’s very nice. Like I ask her 1,000 questions to the point na for other people it’s already annoying. But I’m a very curious person. I want to know what’s happening all the time and she’s always there helping me out.

“She’s innately caring eh. Like there are these moments when the shooting days become so heavy. Kasi I’m kind of wearing two hats at the shoot, I was making sure everything was going fine and I forget to eat. I skip meals and then I would notice from our line producer na Elisse would ask if we ate na and stuff like that. So parang to have someone like that, to go out of her way to make sure that we’re okay and stuff like that, she’s very caring and you don’t really see that a lot,” he added.

Beauty and The Boss is a six-episode digital series that premieres online starting Novermber 6, Friday on iFlix. 

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