Hear Baker Boy’s Powerful New Collab With Sampa The Great & Dallas Woods, ‘Better Days’

Prepare your eardrums for a rap blockbuster because Baker Boy has just unleashed a potent triple-threat team-up with fellow homegrown superstars Sampa The Great & Dallas Woods.

Dubbed ‘Better Days’, the hip-hop groover incorporates English, Yolngu Matha and Bemba to celebrate culture and shared experience through language.

The trio take on everything from oppression to imposter syndrome with their dynamic bars, candidly articulating the pressures of meeting the expectations of their respective cultures by ensuring its presence in the mainstream, as young leaders driving their art forward.

“The whole studio time we had was amazing,” Baker Boy reflected on the recording sessions, which took place last year.

“The first time, seeing Sampa actually perform in the recording session, I got a surprise when she started singing. She’s got an amazing voice. I’ve always listened to her rap and to hear her sing, it was a whole other level. In the first part of Sampa’s verse, she’s rapping in language too, that inspires me as well.”

Sampa added: “Our common ground is bringing our cultures to the forefront in what is the mainstream right now. That’s something that I always saw and always admired in both Baker Boy and Dallas, and something I wanted to do for myself. Sometimes we put so much strain on artists, that they are even afraid to grow. I’m glad Baker Boy feels like he can actually express this element of himself. He doesn’t have to be one thing and that’s really beautiful.”

While on the topic of working with Baker Boy, Woods quipped: “That’s my little brother. It was good to see him talk about his struggles.”

The release of ‘Better Days’ arrives alongside a remix of the track by AIRWOLF, which soundtracks the latest marketing campaign for TikTok.

But for now, you can listen to the OG version below.

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