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Here’s a Fun Fact to File Away: Busy Philipps’s Name Isn’t Actually Busy

Not only did actress Busy Philipps recently release a memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little, but her new late-night talk show, Busy Tonight ,premiered on E! at the end of October and has already featured A-list guests like Julia Roberts, Kristen Bell, and Mindy Kaling. If that wasn’t keeping her preoccupied enough, she’s also a mom of two with a hilarious Instagram account. You could say that she’s really living up to her name these days.

But — plot twist — Busy’s real name isn’t actually Busy! I sort of wish it was, because it’s cute and quirky and suits her personality so well, but Busy was actually born Elizabeth Jean Philipps on June 25, 1979. She was given the nickname Busy as a baby because she was so active, and she’s been using it ever since. Growing up with the moniker also inspired how she and husband Marc Silverstein chose names for their daughters, Birdie and Cricket. In a 2014 Today Show interview, Busy explained, “Since I grew up with a nickname — Busy being short for Elizabeth — when my husband and I started to have our babies, we decided that if we wanted to call our kids something, we would just name them that thing that we wanted to call them.” Now that you know Busy’s real name, check out even more stars whose given names may surprise you.

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