Howard Kaufman, manager for the Eagles, Aerosmith and Stevie Nicks, dies at 79

Veteran music manager Howard Kaufman, who guided the careers of the Eagles, Aerosmith and Stevie Nicks and helped pull off some of the mightiest rock ’n’ roll world tours of his day, has died at 79.

Kaufman died Thursday and had continued working until the day before his death, said Craig Fruin, a longtime business associate.

In an industry filled with larger-than-life personalities and supercharged egos, Kaufman was an even-keeled executive who blended an accountant’s mastery of number-crunching with a fatherly sense of rewarding his clients with long careers and sustained success, friends and clients said.

“He wasn’t stereotype Hollywood, at all. He was low-key, non-hype,” singer and sometimes-actor Chris Isaak said Tuesday. “He was that rare little island of reality.”

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