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If You Really Want to Know, These Are the Folks Who Die in Veronica Mars Season 4

There’s no question that the Hulu-revived fourth season of Veronica Mars is grittier than the previous three. While Veronica and her rat pack were prone to wandering into some dangerous situations before, they’ve always stuck to their Neptune bubble. But when we return to the sleepy California town in season four, things have definitely taken a turn for the worst since the 2014 kickstarter-funded film, and tensions have boiled over in the community way just in time for a bomber to start taking the lives of residents and Spring breakers alike. So, who dies?

Although Veronica and Keith eventually get their culprit, it’s not before the tangled web of crime, lies, and sin claim several lives — including one beloved character. Ahead, find out which unlucky few perish over the course of eight-episode season, and how they each go down.

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