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“Inigo Pascual meets Filipino-American comedian Jokoy”

Inigo says he learned a lot from meeting Jokoy.

Inigo Pascual expressed his elation upon meeting Filipino-American stand up comedian Jokoy. In an Instagram post, Inigo remarked that he learned a lot from the said comedian. 

“So much respect! Can’t even put to words how crazy this night was!  Got so much wisdom from you Kuya @jokoy. I just gotta share what I saw tonight… He was literally sick today before the show. He had an IV Drip to feel better. You can tell by the sound of his voice that he was still feeling under the weather but he still went on with the show and made everyone laugh,” Inigo said. 

He added that witnessing what transpired made him realized that a comedian’s job is tough. 

“That’s when I realized being a comedian is no joke.. (irony) They have to make you happy even if they aren’t in the best state or condition! He killed that show and even shared some personal and emotional things which made the show special!” Inigo said.

It was the first time that Inigo met Jokoy. 

“First time meeting him, and he was already sharing so much wisdom! Im so pumped and so motivated for everything! Imma work hard! To Connect and never to Alienate…  Make the Dream happen! #WeDidIt,” he said. 

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