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Is Chrissy’s Court Going to Be My New Favorite TV Show? I’ll Let Judge Teigen Decide

Attention, daytime-TV-lovers, court is in session! Chrissy Teigen is coming at us with an all-new reality TV show à la Judge Judy, and Vilailuck “Pepper Thai” Teigen, aka her mom, is the bailiff! Chrissy’s Court will showcase real small claims disputes between actual plaintiffs and defendants — and, yep, Judge Chrissy’s rulings will be legally binding.

“LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, SMALL CLAIMS COURT JUST GOT A LITTLE MORE PETTY,” Chrissy said in a Tweet on Thursday. “If you’re mad about some petty ass sh*t and wanna take that person to court, you let us know.”

The show, produced by Chrissy’s Suit & Thai Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment, will premiere on streaming service Quibi and will feature 10 “quick bite” episodes under 10 minutes long each. Quibi is expected to launch in April 2020, so we can only hope Chrissy’s Court will be one of the first shows to air on the streaming platform. Chrissy also has a new Hulu cooking show on the way, so we’ll be seeing a lot more of her on our screens, and we are SO ready for it. See the hilariously relatable reactions to Chrissy’s announcement ahead.