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Is It Too Early to Declare Lizzo and Missy Elliott’s “Tempo” the Song of the Summer?

“I’m a thick b*tch, I need tempo,” Lizzo warns in her latest contagiously confident song, “Tempo.” The follow-up to her hugely popular “Juice” also features Missy Elliott in what Lizzo described as a full-circle moment in an emotional Instagram post featuring a selfie of the two artists taken long before they formally decided to collaborate.

Lizzo explained she met Missy two years ago, and was able to show her some of her music. Lizzo said she took the selfie with Missy assuming she wouldn’t get a chance to meet her again. “But also . . . deep down inside I knew one day we’d have something even more special than a selfie,” Lizzo added. Now, the two have released what we’re already declaring one of our favorite songs of the year.

Lizzo also went on to speak about the importance of representation, and how Missy’s career inspired her own. She said, “You made this chubby, weird, black girl believe that ANYTHING was possible.” Adding, “And now we have a BANGER together.” Now, if you’ve resisted thus far, all that’s really left do to is listen to the joyous song below.

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