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It’s a rough landing for Domhnall Gleeson in comedy ‘Crash Pad’

A plucky ensemble fails to elevate “Crash Pad,” a forced, formulaic revenge comedy about an obnoxious slacker whose new housemate turns out to be the husband of his older ex-mistress.

Meet Stensland (Domhnall Gleeson), a lanky Irish ex-pat antique store employee who has just been kicked to the curb by his fling, Morgan (Christina Applegate), a business exec who turns out not to be separated from her neglectful husband, Grady (Thomas Haden Church).

Feeling seduced and abandoned, the still-smitten Stensland takes refuge in the dozens of “Dawson’s Creek” episodes he has on VHS, until Grady suddenly shows up at his door hell-bent on living as a hard-partying bachelor.

It’s the kind of stuff that demands a nimbly-paced, crisply-balanced touch, but both the script by Jeremy Catalino and direction by Kevin Tent, Alexander Payne’s go-to editor, strain at irreverence at every heavy-handed turn.

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