Jaime Fabregas NOT in Favor of Mandatory ROTC for Students

Jaime Fabregas Says He Opposed to the Implementation of Mandatory ROTC

Veteran actor Jaime Fabregas took social media saying he opposed to the implementation of mandatory Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).

The actor who plays “Lolo Delfin” in Ang Probinsyano opposes the proposed mandatory ROTC program of the current administration. Fabregas tweets his thoughts on the proposed introduction of the aforementioned training for students.

Jaime Fabregas Mandatory ROTC

In order for the young people to protect their nation from potential invaders, he claimed that teaching them to love it is sufficient. On Twitter, some of Fabregas’ followers concur with what he said.

However, not all online users agree with what the actor said. Bongbong Marcos Jr., the president, ROTC will aid in educating the next generation about disaster preparedness in addition to national defense.

“Mas marami rin tayong maihahanda na sibilyan para sa mga ganitong disaster response sa pamamagitan ng ROTC program dahil hindi lang naman national defense ang tinuturo sa kanila kundi disaster preparedness and capacity building para dito nga sa tinatawag na risk-related situations na itinuturo sa kanila, said Marcos.

Meanwhile, the Kabataan Party-list claimed that the country can respond to crises without implementing the ROTC requirement. Rep. Raoul Manuel of the Kabataan Party-list claims that the aforementioned justification is a really lame pretext for bringing ROTC back.

The National Service Training Program (NSTP) Act of 2001, according to Manuel, makes it possible to deploy our kids in times of calamity even without ROTC. In reality, Manuel said, there have been times during previous typhoons and disasters when our youth clubs and civic organizations responded quicker or even in advance.

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