“Jake Cuenca, Paulo Avelino, and Ivana Alawi share their favorite Halloween creatures”


‘Sitsit’ stars and producer Jake Cuenca, Ivana Alawi, and Paulo Avelino reveal which monsters scare them the most onscreen.

With Halloween just around the corner, scary monsters onscreen are once again the trend just like the premiere of iWant TFC’s new twin-bill horror film Sitsit which starts streaming online on October 31, Saturday. During the virtual presscon for the film, lead stars Jake Cuenca, Ivana Alawi, and film producer Paulo Avelino revealed which Philippine folklore creatures scared them the most onscreen.

Ivana Alawi

“I grew up kasi with my lola na lagi niya akong kini-kuwentuhan sa mga aswang, sa mga multo, sa lahat ng mga Filipino horror stuff. So I do believe in it but I’ve never experienced it. Aswang kasi talaga yung kinukuwento sa akin ever since maliit ako so talagang tumatak siya sa akin na takot ako sa mga aswang. Pag nadinig ko yung mga uwak, nandiyan na siya (laughs).”

Jake Cuenca

“Kung meron man na tumatak sa akin nung bata ako tiyanak. Super tumatak sa akin. Ayoko maka-experience ng isang tiyanak pero kunyari may project na inalok sa akin tapos remake ng Tiyanak, gawin ko yun for sure.”

Paulo Avelino

“I’m amazed by our folklore. Gaya nung ginagawa namin ito, ang dami palang types of aswang, sobrang dami na talaga. So namili lang kami ng isa na puwede gawin dun. But nakakatuwa kasi parte ito ng kultura natin at nakakayaman ito ng kultura natin. It’s very unique. Gusto ko mag-undin kasi napanuod ko yun nung bata ako nakakatakot siya (laughs). Parang ayoko mag-banyo nung bata ako feeling ko may lalabas na undin dun.”

Sitsit presents two different stories in Scorpio and Aswang about people who, out of desperation to escape their misery and turn things around, take the easy way out and end up attracting evil elements that will manipulate them and could tarnish their souls completely.

In Scorpio, named after the Zodiac sign, Jake and Dido Dela Paz portray Danny, a lustful aging photographer who fears living a lonely life with no one to love. To get the woman he loves and is obsessed with, he takes a mysterious potion that will turn him into a young handsome man to win her heart.

Aswang, on the other hand, follows a money-hungry prostitute named Joyce (Ivana) who is desperate to escape her life after being used and abused by different people. One day, she meets Nala, a stray dog who becomes her companion for life and ends up turning all her insecurities and worries into life-changing opportunities

Catch Sitsit on the iWant TFC app (iOS and Android) or on iwanttfc.com starting October 31.

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