“Jennica Garcia calls out netizen mocking her: ‘Malakas ang loob mo dahil hindi nakikita ang mukha mo’”


Jennica lambasted a netizen on social media.

Jennica Garcia called out a netizen mocking one of her live sessions on streaming service Twitch with husband Alwyn Uytingco — saying she only included the word sex in her post for clickbait and subscription.

The netizen wrote: “100% sure the “sex” part is clickbait. Not downloading twitch but will stay subscribed to Instagram. Not going to see or hear anything “juicy/saucy” anyway.”

In response to the post, Jennica — who blocked the said user on Instagram — said she is certain the basher has not seen her video as she revealed that half of the stream focused on topics pertaining to sex.  

“Una sa lahat pwede ka naman ulit gumawa ng bagong account dahil nagtatago ka kaya alam kong mababasa mo rin naman ito. 2 followers, private account, no profile pic. Malakas ang loob mo dahil hindi nakikita ang mukha mo,” she said. 

She added: “Clickbait? Hindi mo napanood kaya hindi mo alam that it was discussed in the stream. Almost 50% of the live stream was about sex and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be talked about.”

Jennica went on by explaining why there is nothing wrong about discussing sex. Furthermore, she pointed out that it encompasses various problems such as unwanted pregnancies that lead to abortion and heartbreaks that lead to suicide. 

“Sex is beautiful, especially when done within the boundaries of marriage. It should be talked about more so that unwanted pregnancies that lead to abortion and suicide due to heartbreak can be lessened in the world,” she stated.  

She went on: “Letting people know of your own mistakes and struggles as single woman/man or being in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend have the power to make other people who are going through a difficult time know that they are not experiencing the pain alone. That other people go through it too and that they were able to rise above it. And so can they.”

She concluded her post by telling those following her on Instagram that she doesn’t tolerate that kind of attitude, adding that sex isn’t disgusting — it’s all about perception. 

“Please lang, do not follow and do not subscribe just to see past episodes of my channel on twitch with that attitude of yours. I don’t normally react to tasteless messages just like what you’ve sent but what’s disgusting really is not sex itself but how you choose to see it,” she stated. 

Jennica is the daughter of actress Jean Garcia. She and Alwyn Uytingco have been together for nearly a decade now. 

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