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“Jericho Rosales supports environmental cause: ‘No to coal-fired power plants'”

Jericho Rosales encourages his fans to support the fight against the planned building of a coal-fired power plant in La Union.

Halik actor Jericho Rosales, who is known for his love of the beach and surfing, took to Instagram to raise awareness on the planned construction of a coal-fired power plant in the province of La Union. He explained in his post about the dangers of using coal to generate electricity.

“It is said that it’s worse for children to be breathing air near a coal-fired power plant ash bin than to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day,” Jericho began his post. 

The TV star also emphasized how burning coal is detrimental to peoples’ health, their livelihood and surroundings. 

“Burning coal (Karbon mula sa bundok) releases mercury in the air (A cause of Asthma+other respiratory illnesses and damages the nervous system) then goes to the ocean and is eaten by fish that we also eat. It also destroys coral reefs in the process. This old and dirty way of producing energy causes many other harmful effects,” Jericho further elaborated. 

He then encouraged his followers to watch videos about coal-mining and to sign a petition to stop a coal-fired power plant from being built in the beach town of Luna in La Union. 

“Did you know that there is a plan to build one in Luna, La Union? My heart goes out to my beloved La Union. Be informed …  sign the petition please,” he said. 

As of this writing, the petition has already gathered 3,034 signatures online. 

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