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JoJo’s “Miss You Most (at Christmas Time)” Cover Is So Good, Even Mariah Carey Was Impressed

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‘Tis the season for joyful holiday covers. On Sunday, JoJo paid tribute to “the queen of Christmas music” as she sang Mariah Carey‘s “Miss You Most (at Christmas Time).” “Wanted to sing one of my favorite Christmas songs and pay homage to the QUEEN Mariah Carey,” she wrote alongside the video. “Imagine being so dope that you single handedly own an entire holiday season!!!?! Her voice and writing has enchanted and inspired me since I was a little girl.”

Clearly the adoration is mutual. After JoJo posted the cover, Carey gave her seal of approval. “Thank you for this beautiful homage!” she wrote on JoJo’s Instagram. “I’m so happy you chose this song that not many people know. It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs that I’ve written. Love!!! MC.”