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“Julia Barretto admits being terrified in front of many people at the All-Star Games”

Julia Barretto admitted that she felt terrified being in front of thousands of people again at last weekend’s All-Star Games held at the Araneta Coliseum.

In an Instagram post, Julia shared that she trained hard for her volleyball game last Sunday. 

“Two months ago, I started training and going back to my first love: volleyball. I fell in love with this sport back in high school, where I got the opportunity to be part of the varsity team and compete. Last Sunday was my first time to play in Araneta. I used to just be an audience member and watch the UAAP volleyball games. At the time, I only wished I had been able to experience something that exciting!” she said. 

She confessed that she was scared to be in front of such a big crowd. It was Julia’s first public appearance following the controversy she was embroiled in recently.

“I was terrified of being in court, being in front of thousands of people again. A few moments before the game, Coach O said, ‘Be brave. Being brave is not showing that you can fight back, being brave is showing what you can do.’ And we did it,” she wrote.

Despite losing last weekend’s game, Julia extended her gratitude to her team for their hard work. 

” To my girls, my blue team: thank you for your determination and hard work. We may not have won the game, yet it was so fulfilling. Knowing that we fought, we fought hard till the end. To the red team, headed by @chinitaprincess: Congratulations! It wasn’t an easy match, but you guys gave us a game to remember. Thank you, till the next!” she stated.