“Julia Barretto: ‘Sometimes not having any closure is closure already’”


Julia Barretto shares what she is willing to give up for love.

Julia Barretto remarked that she is okay being friends with an ex. In an interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, Julia remarked that becoming friends with your ex is a sign that both parties already moved on.

“Yes I can. Alam mo depende naman ‘yun sa inyong dalawa eh and alam mo that’s when you know you both really moved on from each other when you’re over with that chapter in your lives, ‘yung kaya niyo ng maging magkaibigan and turn it into something beautiful,” she said. 

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When asked how important is closure in a relationship, Julia replied, “Ako kasi tito Boy, sometimes not having any closure is closure already… I don’t know, ako ‘yun eh.”

She added, “Why are we gonna have closure and tell each other what went wrong?”

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On what she is willing to give up for love, Julia said, “I am very sacrificial. Kapag mahal ko talaga, dami ko nang nakakalimutan, tito Boy. And that’s what gets me in trouble all the time, right? It’s not something that I am ashamed of, pero masarap magmahal ng todo-todo, tito Boy. Walang pagsisisi ako.”

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