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“KC Concepcion admits owning a small business is not easy”

KC Concepcion shares the struggles of owning a startup or small business.

It has been a year since KC Concepcion launched her very own jewelry line, which she named Avec Moi.

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Since then, KC has devoted her time to learning everything that she needs for her business to thrive. However, she admitted in her latest Instagram post that it is not easy to handle a startup or a small business but she loves the challenge.

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“Having a startup, or small business, is not easy at all but I love the challenge! I’m currently doing the work of 8 people,” she said.

She also thanked those who helped her achieve her dreams in her latest business venture.

“Truly it takes focus, tenacity, hard work and the right people who not only have the brains but also the heart to care about your goals + your vision—those that don’t work for the status symbol but who‘ll tough it out with you and respect the process especially in the first few years, even without their names in lights! These are the kinds of people I treasure.”

KC then shared a photo of her mini office, which is also her home.

“This is what happens when your office is also your home. But as they say, you’ve got to start somewhere!!! It’s been about a year since our launch and I feel like I’ve been doing my MBA with just pure online education and hands on experience.”