“Kris Aquino reveals New Year’s resolutions for her health and well-being”


Kris Aquino lists down her resolutions for 2020.

Kris Aquino is commencing 2020 with New Year’s resolutions revolving around her health and well-being.

On her Facebook page, Kris wrote, “I have simple resolutions for 2020: to BREATHE deeply before any impulsive reactions, live purposefully & with authenticity, listen carefully to my body, work with GRATITUDE and enthusiasm, prioritize my FAMILY and our wellness, react primarily with COMPASSION, ignore the unnecessary negativity, peacefully PROTECT MY TRUTH, AND to not let past disappointments prevent me from LOVING & TRUSTING those who have given me no reason to doubt their sincerity.” 

She said that she will also start reading and meditating on scriptures daily. She added that she will improve her cooking skills and reduce her clutter in her kitchen too. 

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Kris also relayed that she will take care of her cardiovascular health. “I’ll restart my yoga (although a more gentle and relaxing practice), and iIm going to force myself to get some water aerobics at least on a weekly basis, or at the very least flotation for stress relief and water hydrotherapy massage for improved circulation,” she stated.

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