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“Kristel Fulgar re-enacts ‘Kadenang Ginto’ scene in Korean”

Amid the popularity of the ABS-CBN afternoon series Kadenang Ginto, Kristel Fulgar uploaded a new vlog inspired by the show. Tagging along her friend Shine Kuk, they re-enacted the scenes of Marga and Cassie but this time not only was it in Tagalog but also in Korean. 

“For this vlog tuturuan namin ‘yung isa’t isa ng kung paano umarte. Tuturuan ko siya paano umarte in Filipino way and siya turuan niya ako in Korean way. Siya tuturuan ko siya ng Tagalog dialogue and ako tuturuan niya ako ng Korean dialogue,” Kristel said. 

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They also wore school uniforms similar to Cassie and Marga’s, the popular young characters in the show. 

The video has already garnered more than 300k views as of this writing. 

Kristel is known to be a big K-drama fan. She is also being shipped by netizens to a Korean CEO named Yohan Kim, who she fondly calls “Big Boss.”

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The young actress already traveled twice to Korea.

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