Listen To Green Day’s New Track ‘Pollyanna’

Green Day are hear to deliver us some good news today, with the release of their brand-spanking, uplifting new single ‘Pollyanna’.

Sharing the song on social media, the band wrote, “Better days are looking up the road, and to celebrate we just dropped a brand new song.”

The song’s lyrics echo that sentiment perfectly, with lines like “Don’t let ’em get you down / Don’t let ’em push you around / We’re gonna take back the night / Everything’s gonna be alright.”

‘Pollyanna’ is the second single the band have released this year, following from the punk-infused ‘Here Comes The Shock’ which came to us back in February.

In other Green Day news, the question of ‘what is Green Day’s best song’ was recently posed to frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. His answer: ‘Jesus Of Suburbia’.

“It’s so epic,” he said. “I mean, I’m tooting my own horn, but I think it encompasses so much about my life and friendship and family, and it’s flamboyant and big and bombastic.

“It’s one of those moments where I was feeling like I wanted to take a big risk. It’s so fun to play live, seeing how the entire crowd sings along. It’s just one of those songs.”

Listen to ‘Pollyanna’ below.

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