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Lizzo Is Undoubtedly “100% That Scary Ass B*tch” During This Haunted House Trip

Lizzo wasn’t feeling good as hell when The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently sent her through a haunted house with producer Andy Lassner. The “Truth Hurts” singer took a trip to Universal Studios to experience Pandora’s Cabinet of Curiosity, and what an experience it was. “We’re about to rock this b*tch,” she said, before entering the house. “I’m 100 percent that scary ass b*tch.”

It wasn’t long before she was screaming, running away from moving objects, and using Andy as a human shield during the spooky journey. She also protected herself in a rather unconventional way, opting to twerk through a hallway where a creepy puppet popped out. “Get your ass out the way!” she yelled. Above, watch Lizzo and Andy travel through the spine-chilling house!

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